Xianrun Blower High Pressure Ring Blower

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Xianrun Blower High Pressure Ring Blower

Air Temperature: 20~60 Celsius degree
Air Pressure:  30 KPA~200 KPA
Flow range:  50~3000 cmh
Power: 0.11 KW~ 35 KW
Material: fully aluminum alloy with whole die-casting

Working Principle of High Pressure Ring Blower by Xianrun Blower

In the designing, when the air pressure is between 30 KPA~200KPA, this fan belongs to high pressure fan. Also called high pressure blower, it is different from general centrifugal fan.
When the impeller rotates, due to the centrifugal force, air move to outward and forward, thus forming a series of spiral movement.

Air between the impeller blades spiraling rotates accelerately and pile the outside gas into side slot, after the air entering the side channel, it is compressed, then the air return to impeller blades and rotates accelerately again.

When the air move along a spiral orbit and go through the impeller and the side channel, every impeller blade increases the degree of compression and acceleration.

With the rotation, the kinetic energy of the gas increasing, the air pressure along the side of the channel increase further. When the air reach to the connection between side channel discharge and flange, the air is squeeze out of the blades and exhausted out of pump through the muffler.

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