Xianrun Blower Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans

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Xianrun Blower Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans Application

1. large logistics warehouse and distribution center.

2. large workshop workshop.

3. public building.

4. large farms, animal husbandry.


Xianrun Blower Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans Application

HVLS(High Volume-Low Speed): The maximum speed is 50RPM,bring 12600 m³/min (756000m³/h) air volume,the coverage is 2000 m2.

Size:  In the industry, the fan blade is the widest, reaching 284mm, diameter 7.1m/23ft.

Energy saving: The installed motor-power is only 1.5kw (while even absorbing less than that ), The maximum effect reduces the cost.

Security Protected Measures of Xianrun Blower Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans

Both you and your customers, the most concern is safety. The more thorough security protection system, we trust the fan more. Our alloy chassis are cut by CNC wire-cutting machines, high strength and never break. The below are our security protection system, this make sure the safety operation. Generally speaking, our protected measures are quite advanced.

The below are for your reference.


Wire Rope Protected Measures

Steel wire rope protection, pass through the connecting rod, stride the "" steel frame, wind with "" steel frame. If derrick fracture by accident, Steel wire rope will hold the whole machine, put an end to the fuselage drops.


Wire Traction

Four steel wires will host to connect to the ceiling, guaranteeing the fan running more firmly and prevent fan shaking. In order to avoid fan falling accidently, stress intensity of every steel wires can reach up to 1000 kg.


Chassis Safety Ring

There are two safety ring are equipped between motor and chassis. Once the motor and the chassis separate accidently, small safety ring will be stuck in the large ring chassis to avoid chassis fall off.


High-Strength Bolt

All fasteners adopt high load and strength bolts. The bolt and screw grade is 8.8, 30Crmnsi material.


The Blade Protected Sparring

The blade protective sparring is equipped between the blades and the blades, connects all the blades together to become a whole. The blade protective measures can balance fan running, also prevents single blade falling off.


Frequency converter built-in protection system

Built-in protection system, and frequency conversion system can alarm and stop running automatically for the accident case.

Xianrun Blower Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans


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