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Non Power Roof Ventilation Fan

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Introduction of Non power roof ventilation fan
Non power roof ventilation fan, which is rotated by natural wind, change the parallel air flow direction; speed up and change the airflow from up to bottom vertically; so as to improve the effect of indoor ventilation and air exchanges.
This ventilation fan does not use electricity, no noise, long-term operation, and eliminate indoor hot gas, moisture and noxious gas. According to air nature laws and principle of air flow rule, the non power roof ventilation fan installed on the roof reasonably,
exhaust indoor heat air and dirty gas, so as to improve the indoor environment.

Working Principle
Turbine ventilation fan uses heat convection caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The heat convection drives turbine fan rotation this turbine rotate, so as to exhaust dirty air to outdoor by making use of centrifugal force and negative pressure effect.

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