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High Precision Fan Impeller

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High Precision Fan Impeller


Our high precision fan impeller is manufacturer by NC machine tool, microcomputer aided manufacturing system. Reasonale blade angle can make the airflow to achieve the best level.


Working Temperature: < 500 degree

Air composition: Clean air, Dusty air, Corrosive gas, Combustible gas

Impeller diameter:  300~3000 mm

Speed of mainshaft: 960~2900 rpm

Pressure range:  305~111425 Pa

Flow range: 900~23305 m3/h


Q: What information do you need to provide in order to get a quotation?

A: Generally, information about Air Flow, Air Pressure, Air Temperature, Voltage and Frequency are needed in order to select a right fan for you and provide you a quotation.

Q: What is the warranty of products?

A: All of our products have 1 year warranty. Every product has its own

production code. This code is able to track the production time.

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