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Backward Curved Impeller For Blowers and Fans

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Backward Curved Impeller For Blowers and Fans



Backward curved impeller have the advantages of large airflow, good aerodynamic performance, high efficiency and so on. And it can be anti-corrosion or anti-wear according to your requirement.


Working Temperature: < 500 degree

Air composition: Clean air, Dusty air, Corrosive gas, Combustible gas

Dust composition: Powder materials, Light particle materials, etc.  

Impeller diameter:  300~3000 mm

Speed of mainshaft: 960~2900 rpm

Pressure range:  305~1425 Pa

Flow range: 900~73305 m3/h

Power: 1.1 kw~1000 kw

Drive model: Direct drive, belt drive, coupling drive

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