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AC Electric ID Fans for Brick Kilns

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AC Electric ID Fans for Brick Kilns


Widely used in factories, warehouses, offices, residential 

ventilation or strengthen cooling purposes. It can also be 

installed in a long pipe, for increasing the pressure. Fan 

gas should be non-corrosive and significant dust, its 

temperature must not exceed 60 ° C

Parameter Description

Air Temperature: < 500 degree

Drive model: Direct drive, belt drive, coupling drive

Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. 

Impeller diameter:  300~3000 mm
Pressure range:  Reach to 20,000 Pa
Flow range:  300,000 cfm


XIANRUN Fan Main Factory Co.,Ltd. was established in 1985, mainly designs and manufactures Centrifugal fans,Axial flow fans and various fan components which are applied to industrial systems, which is the senior member of China General Xinxiang Industry Association.


Q: What information do you need to provide in order to get a quotation?

A: Generally, information about Air Flow, Air Pressure, Air Temperature, Voltage and Frequency are needed in order to select a right fan for you and provide you a quotation.

 Q: Can I have a discount for the quoted price?

A: The quoted price is based on annual usage quantity. If annual usage

quantities increase, please provide the information to our sales.

We will provide you a further discount.


Q: What is the warranty of products?

A: All of our products have 1 year warranty. Every product has its own

production code. This code is able to track the production time.


XIANRUN can offer you the best and most suitable for industrial fans.COME ON !

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